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As in most countries, using a beach for a private event such as a wedding is strictly prohibited by law, and when caught, results in an immediate stop of all proceedings, and a fine which can be up to 3000 € for a first time offender.


However, the Spanish government does issue licenses to specific companies to operate a business on the beach.

These licenses however are extremely expensive, and the holders only have a few months ( usually from may-june to september ) to make their investment profitable.


So, on a day to day basis, from approximately may to September, these venues are open to the general public as beach restaurants.


Most of them don't have the infrastructure, knowledge, experience or staff to organise weddings or events.


However, we have selected some of them that do have the neccesary infrastructure and skills, and so we're able to make your dream beach wedding come true.


Obviously, these venues will only accept the wedding if the event for them is more profitable then a normal day of business as usual with their day-to-day customers.


This can be achieved in 2 ways, either ;

  • charge a huge venue rental fee which compensates for the loss of turnover, starting at 2000 € but often surmounting up to 10000 € or more.


  • Provide a seperation with curtains, to seperate you from the rest of the restaurant.


So let's take a look at both options ;


In option 1, you're basically just paying for the loss of income of the venue, fow which you're getting no services in return. This option assumes that you will have your wedding dinner elsewhere. If that's you're choice due to personal preferences, because for example you want to have your wedding dinner at your favourite restaurant, ... then that's a valid choice.

However, if your choice is based on budget, we can provide a seperation form the day-to-day clients dining there. This offers you the privacy to do the ceremony, reception, dinner and dance seperate form the rest, and at a fraction of the price then renting the whole restaurant


In short, let's look together at which option is best for your dream wedding in Spain.

Can I contract only a beach wedding ceremony ?