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The choice of a wedding venue is very personal, but maybe you have a suitable location, you live in Spain, you have a second home, or you rented a villa...


Is it possible to organise  your wedding ceremony, reception, dinner and party in the villa ?


Well yes, it is usually possible, but bear in mind the following things.


Is the villa suitable for the wedding ?


1 ) Is there enough space for the number of guests you expect ?


2 ) Is there a plan B in case of rain ?


Although the weather in Spain, and especially in the Costa Blanca is usually very good, it would be unwise not to consider the possibility of rain. And you definitely don't want to change the venue one or more days before the wedding.


3 ) Is the location equipped with adequate and easy acces to toilets for the expected number of guests? You don't want partying guests entering your private house...


4 ) Is it allowed to use the venue for a celebration

In the rental agreements of villas it's usually stated that the villa is rented for private use , and often also the maximum number of persons is stated in the agreement, and that it's not permitted to organise a party.

If you do organise a party then, and something happens, the insurance won't cover the damages, and your wedding may suddenly proof to be much more expensive then planned. The owner or rental agency is entitled to keep the deposit and even claim additional rent. Moreover, in case of damage, the insurance will not intervene , because the tenant has violated the lease terms.


5 ) Is the venue or villa easily accessible , for example by bus? And when the guests arrive with rental cars, or is there enough parking in the immediate vicinity ?


6 ) Finally , what do the neighbors think of the planned party?

Usually, the villas are located in an urbanisation , and so there often a lot of neighbors . Often, these villas are on a mountain or hill, and then the music can be heard miles afar. It only takes 1 phone call to the police from a neighbour who can't sleep, to shut the party down, posibly even with a huge fine.




Rarely, if ever , the kitchen of a private villa is equipped to cook for a large group , and even if that is the case ,

it is questionable whether the owner will allow for their kitchen to be used to prepare for a wedding dinner or even welcome dinner.


Therefore, it is the best , and usually even the only option to hire a catering company

and from this there are two kinds ;


          - Small company specialising in a particular dish or style , eg barbecue , paella , ...


          - Professional catering company that offers various styles , dishes , etc


It is important to make the right choice.


A small business , often from someone who does this as an extra job , has only the materials required to prepare their specialty and normally don't have extra staff.


Therefore, it's often a neccesity to contract a second company to rent event material, such as ( tables, chairs , plates, glasses , ... ) as well as a company that supplies staff for the event.


The result is that this option is often more expensive than hiring a professional catering company that has the necessary knowledge , equipment , experience and staff to do the task.


Either way, everything has to be specially planned for the event, and so we come to the 3rd and final consideration that one should make before planning a party at a self catering venue.







For a party at a self catering venue, literally everything has to be transported to the venue for the event.


For example , tables, chairs , tablecloths , plates , glasses, cutlery , buffet, ... but also to all the kitchen amenities including stove, oven , slicer, refrigerators , bar facilities and a huge quantity of glasses (there is rarely opportunity and staff to wash the glasses in time)


In addition, staff should be provided for the setup, cooking, service, bar, ... and at the end of the party it all has to be packed, transported, etc.


Let us compare with organising a party in a wedding venue ;


Nothing needs to be hired, all material is simply there


         - There is no need for any special setup, all is available

         - The venue features a fully equipped kitchen, enabling more elaborated dishes

         - There is no transport of material and personnel


By experience we know that the total cost of organising a wedding in a self catering venues is often more expensive then if held in a wedding venue.

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