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We've build a totally new, super mobile friendly website for you

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choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

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Due to an efficient organisation and custom developed tools,

we can provide a high level of personal service

at a significantly lower cost then other wedding planners.

Planning a marriage takes a lot of time ; searching for locations, catering, photographer, decorator, florist, officer, confectioner, musicians, lighting, etc..., just to name a few.


For all these services, the possibilities and costs must be discussed and choices made, and only then can a clear script and plan be drawn up, with detailed timing and instructions for all those involved, and once all those involved have given their agreement, then we can start to create a script for the wedding day coordinators.


Of course it is possible to do all of this yourself, but do you have the time and the contacts, do you speak the language, and are you able to cope with the inevitable stress?


A good wedding planner will do all that for you. He or she takes care of the perfect planning and organization of the wedding, listens to the bridal couple, translates their wishes into a plan, coordinates all wishes with venues, vendors and employees, and informs the wedding couple permanently so that they stay informed and can make decisions.


For his work, he usually calculates 60 working hours at an average of 40 € per hour = 2400 € + VAT, which is also our wedding planner fee, but our wedding couples can get up to 3 x 800 € discount, and then they pay

Planning, costs and payments


As soon as you make the decision to entrust the planning of your wedding to Costa Blanca Events, based on our detailed script / quotation, you fill in the wedding planner agreement, and pay 800 € + v.a.t.


Often wedding couples have already chosen the venue, but it also happens that they are still in doubt between some venues, and make that decision only during a visit to our venues. When you choose the venue, you order the wedding day promo package, pay the cost, and then it really starts!


During the weeks and months of planning, we will assist you, plan Skype conversations in which we will review and discuss the script together, help you make choices, etc... and you'll create your guest list in Yoep-P.


Not only the wedding day promo package is very advantageous, for many other services we have also negotiated special deals with the venues and vendors. If you order separate services via www.event-o.net (without wedding planner) then you pay the normal price, but as soon as you have contracted us for the planning of your marriage, and you have ordered the wedding promo package, you pay a - often considerably - lower price for most services.


You can add a service to the script, but not yet order it. You will then have 1 month to place the order. If you don't, the supplier can still adjust the price (although this rarely happens). It's customary that venues or vendors request a deposit when you order a service, but we have negotiated with most of them that you don't need to pay a deposit, but once a service is confirmed by the supplier, it is subject to modification or cancelation costs. If a venue or vendor has other conditions, then they're indicated in the description or terms and conditions of the venue or vendor.


Each wedding is different, some plans are very extensive and require more time in planning. That difference is compensated by a wedding planner commission of 5% on the final total of the plan, excluding accommodations.


About 1 month before the wedding we finish the planning during a - usually last - Skype conversation, so that there is no reason to stress during that last month, because you know that everything is perfectly arranged. After the call, the final total is known, and we ask you to pay the balance including our wedding planner commission. After receipt of payment, we send the venues and vendors the final planning, nº of persons, services, etc..., and pay them.


Changes during the last month, for example because persons will unexpectedly not be present, are subject to costs.


If you have met the conditions for the discount 3 as described above, we will refund that discount for a total of up to 800 € after the wedding, or you can use that discount to order (additional) photos or videos at a discounted price.


Finally, it is required according to the etiquette, and it is also logical that the wedding planner(s) and the employees present during the entire wedding day are counted as extra for dinner, but we have negotiated a special price with the locations for this. It is also common practice to tip the site's employees and suppliers if you are satisfied with their services. The easiest thing to do is to discuss it with your wedding planner in advance and arrange it so that he or she has a cover ready for each of them on the wedding day.


Because we want to offer a suitable package for each wedding couple, we also offer following options ;

What is the cost of a Costa Blanca Events wedding planner ?

Newsflash : To celebrate the 500th couple that has entrusted the planning of their wedding to us,

we launch our new conditions for weddings contracted from now on.

No wedding planner fee !

Discount 1 : because so many couples entrust the planning of their wedding to us, we can discuss multiple weddings during one meeting with our venues and vendors. So, for weddings in our region and venues, that saves a lot of time, and results in a 800 € discount on the wedding planner fee.


Discount 2 : for the same reason we were able to negotiate a wedding day promo package with our venues and vendors, which includes the most important services on the wedding day.

Depending on the day and date they offer up to 800 € discount on the wedding day promo package


In order to entrust us with the planning of your marriage, please fill in the wedding planner agreement,

and we immediately subtract the above 2 discounts, so you only pay 800 € + v.a.t,


Discount 3 : will be refunded after the wedding, or you can use it to pay (extra) photos or videos at a discounted price. By combining all 3 parts you have also here up to 800 € discount

  • If you create and manage your guest list in Yoep-P, the online system specially developed for Costa Blanca Events, it saves a lot of time for you as the wedding couple, but also for the venue and vendorsppliers, and for us. and that results in 150 € discount.

  • If you also manage the planning of your marriage in Yoep-P together with your wedding planner, then that saves everyone a lot of time, and results in an extra 150 € discount.

  • Accommodation for the wedding can be booked via Yoep-P, and the accommodations we selected guarantee that you do so at the lowest price. If at least 2/3 of your guests book via Yoep-P, then they offer a commission of 2%, resulting in maximum of 500 € discount.

"Just for 2" package


Our "Just for 2" package is great for small, intimate weddings for just the wedding couple and up to a maximum of 4 guests, but is subject to conditions and dates. More info and price on our special small wedding abroad page.


"All inclusive wedding in Spain" package


With some of our locations and suppliers we have negotiated an 'all inclusive wedding in Spain' promo package, which is very complete, and even more advantageous than the already very advantageous 'wedding day promo package', but only offers very limited options and choices. Ordering the package is exactly the same as the standard contract, but instead of the 'wedding day promo package, order the all inclusive promo package.

You can find all the info and costs of the package on the special 'all inclusive weddings in Spain' website


Weddings in venues we don't work with and/or in others regions of Spain or Europe.


Additional costs apply if you choose a venue we don't work with, which is outside of our working area. Again, we like to keeps these costs limited and the way and reason we charge them very transparent. Read more about how we organise weddings in other parts of Spain. The additional costs are (*) ;

  • Prospection and mapping fee of a venue we don't work with : 300 € + v.a.t.

  • Prospection and mapping of a venue of your choice outside our working area : 600 € + v.a.t. 21%

  • Searching, prospecting and mapping a venue outside our working area : 900 € + v.a.t. 21%

  • Working hours during travel and stay over ( minimum 8 h per day ) : 15 € per person per hour + v.a.t.

  • Cost per kilometer for a car : 0.5 € per km or 0.8 € per kilometer for a van + v.a.t.+ toll according to real costs.

  • Accommodation based on minimum a 3* hotel, double room, as close as possible to the venue

  • Meals : based on real costs, minimum of 50 € per person and per day + v.a.t.


(*) We reserve the right to cancel the agreement without refund of the prospections costs if the venue does not comply with our quality standards and requirements.


Why are our prices excluding v.a.t. ?

A few years ago, VAT rates in Spain changed, and the government is still considering changing them again. If that happens, our prices will remain the same, which is more transparent for our wedding couples, because only the VAT amount on the totals page will increase or decrease. Also, companies often contract us for events, or wedding couples invite customers to their wedding and want to charge the costs of these guests for their business. For them it is important that also the price exclusive of VAT is clearly stated.  


What is the current VAT rate ?


10 % on food and non-alcoholic beverages, 21 % on services?