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Everybody understands that bride and groom do not have to pay for all travel expenses of their guests, and guests don't expect them to do so either.


Imagine that you're invited to the wedding of a family member who lives approximately 4 hours by car from your home.


Will you ask the wedding couple to pay for your gasoline ? Right, I didn't think so !


It's likely that you will leave the day before, so that you're sure to arrive in time for the wedding, and you'll probably stay an extra night, because you don't want to drive all the way back after the wedding.


Will you ask the wedding couple to pay for your hotel ? Right, I didn't think so !


Makes sense, right. Now of course, with a destination wedding, the travel costs are likely to be higher, but then again, guests often consider it as a short vacation, and in fact, they're right, and they often stay longer then is required for the wedding, and they don't mind paying for their travel expenses.


Guests who are on a tight budget will probably save on their wedding gift to you, but most couples are perfectly ok with that, since for them, the most important thing is that the people who are close to them, attend the wedding, regardless of gifts.


On the other hand, and back to the above example, you've arrived at your families wedding.


Will they ask you to pay for your wedding dinner ? Right, I didn't think so !


So, let's resume ;

The cost of getting married abroad obviously depends on numerous factors.


True, the cost of a destination wedding, calculated per person, will normally be higher then in traditional weddings.


However, social obligations that require for you to invite people whom you hardly know, and with whom you have little or no contact, are of no concern.


And because the guest list is shorter, the total cost of a wedding abroad is usually significantly lower compared to a wedding in your home country.


Especially if you've chosen a wedding destination with a great value for money, such as weddings in Spain has to offer, then the difference may be huge.


Curious about the costs of dream weddings in Spain ?


With the free online wedding budget planner, it's now very easy to calculate the cost of getting married abroad. Choose your estimated number of guests, define how your wedding should be, and the wedding budget planner makes a detailed calculation of the required budget for you.


Free of charge, and without any commitment whatsoever.

According to wedding etiquette, who pays for what ?

The online wedding budget planner makes it very easy to calculate the cost of getting married abroad. It's online, free, and without any commitment.

That's according to etiquette, but of course, guests won't object if bride and groom pay for more then what they're required to do.

10 frequently asked questions about weddings abroad


According to marketing research 2/3 of the wedding couples consider a destination wedding.


The information on the internet and on various forums is confusing, to say the least.


As professional and experienced wedding planners on the Spanish Costa Blanca, we receive a lot of questions about weddings abroad.


On these pages we try to answer to these questions.

Bride and groom pay for

Guests pay for

  • The wedding setting

  • Decorations

  • Ceremonial transport

  • Ceremony

  • Wedding reception

  • Wedding dinner

  • Open bar

  • Travel expenses such as airline tickets

  • Airport transfers

  • Accommodation

  • Welcome dinner

  • Activities and excursions during their stay

What is the cost of getting married abroad ? Who pays for what ?