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We've build a totally new, super mobile friendly website for you

With a free online wedding budget calculator & quotation request

choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

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Each wedding is different, as are the wishes of each wedding couple, so inevitably the total cost will vary.

Weddings in Spain are cheaper then traditional weddings and weddings in other countries, because ;


1 ) The Spanish mainland ( not Ibiza ) is much cheaper then most other wedding destinations

2 ) Due to competition, prices for hotels, food, drinks, etc are much lower then in other countries and regions

3 ) Due to the number of weddings Costa Blanca Events organises, we're able to negotiate the best prices

4 ) With on average 50-100 guests, weddings in Spain are usually more intimate then traditional weddings,


Of course there are additional travel costs, but hotels in Spain are much cheaper then in most other countries,

and each guest usually pays for his own travel costs, so this does not weigh on the budget of bride and groom.


As a result the total wedding budget for a wedding in Spain is usually lower then for a traditional wedding, and even should it be more expensive, then the experience, relaxed atmosphere, sunny climate, etc makes it all worthwhile.


We're sometimes asked for a "what would be the total cost for a wedding in Spain for 50 guests" ?


This question is very easy to answer within our "all inclusive wedding package abroad" because it includes all the services ordered by the majority of our wedding couples.

In fact, the total price is on the top of the homepage, so you don't have to look very far, nor make calculations.


BUT, if you want a more personal approach with more options and choices then the answer is not so simple, since there are so many choices and options which have a huge impact on the total cost.

Use our free online wedding budget planner to calculate

the required budget for your dream wedding in Spain !

Worried about the cost ?

No need to, all our prices, info, descriptions, and photo's are online. Simple, open, transparant. No surprises !



Of course, there are travel costs involved, airline tickets, airport transfer and accommodation.

So the question arises ; "who pays for them ?"


According to wedding etiquette the wedding couple doesn't have to pay for travel costs, and all extra's which are not part of the wedding, like a welcoming dinner, day after excursion, etc.


However, some wedding couples do consider to pay for ( part of ) these costs for their guests, which is obviously highly appreciated by their guests.


However, this is a decision that each couple must make individually, guests cannot expect them to do so !

Let me illustrate that with an example ;


Image you're getting married in your home town, and I've been invited, but I live at almost 4 hours by car.

Would you pay for my gasoline ?


Because your wedding ceremony is at 11 AM, and I don't want to risk arriving late, I decide to come one day early, and stay for 2 nights in a hotel, since I don't want to drive back after the party.

Would you pay for my hotel ?


With a bit of good planning, a wedding in Spain will also proof to be a good option for weddings abroad on a budget.

Curious about the cost of your destination wedding in Spain ?



These costs don't depend on your guest list, and it's the 2nd biggest part of the total budget.

Examples are ; rent of the venue, flowers, ceremony, DJ, photographer, etc...

To save, you can only make some cheaper choices on infrastructure, decorations and options



This is the cost per person on your guest list, and it's often the biggest part of the total budget

Examples are reception, dinner, open bar, etc.

To save you can either downsize your guest list, or choose a cheaper reception or menu, etc.



This is the cost of planning your wedding. Our proprietary online systems save a lot of time, for you, for your guests and for us, and they make it real easy for you to plan the wedding, and for your guest to plan their attendance.

As a result it's even possible for us to plan your wedding without wedding planner fee.

Enter the estimated number of guests and the free online wedding budget planner instantly calculates 3 budget options for your wedding in Spain.

Afterwards you can request a detailed personal quotation, with all info, photo's, detailed prices, etc.

All free of charge, and without any commitment whatsoever.


What is the cost of the venue ?


A wedding means for a venue a lot more preparation in comparison to a normal dinner. This cost is often calculated in the price of the menu, which is not fair, since the extra cost for the venue is about the same, regardless of the number of guests attending the wedding. Therefore we have negotiated with most of our venues a very limited rental cost, regardless of the amount of people.


It goes without saying that a venue will be a lot less inclined to blok the venue on an exclusive basis in top season or on a Saturday.  After all 99% of Spanish weddings take place on a Saturday and are usually large groups with around 200 guests or more...


The only difference between wedding venues, is the type of menu they serve.

Some wedding venues offer budget menus, other more upscale venues offer more original menus with a higher price tag of course. Due to the minimum menu the venues impose, your total wedding plan will be higher or lower in comparison to other venues.


Getting in the mood ? 

Have a look at our photo gallery website and moodbooks to see just how unforgettable our weddings in Spain are.

What is the cost of weddings in Spain ?

The cost of a wedding abroad can be divided into 3 parts.

Understanding their importance is the key to managing your wedding budget.

Still in doubt ?

Have a look at the numerous reviews we have on facebook, and on the references page on this website.

On a budget ?

Don't worry, we have negotiated the best deals for you so we're able to offer you the best value for your money !