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So, you have been invited to a wedding here in the Spanish Costa Blanca. What now ?

Each wedding is of course different, and as wedding planners we're not at liberty to share all details of the planning with you.


However, Yoep-P, Your Online Event Planner system, which has been especially designed for Costa Blanca Events, makes it very easy and stress free for the wedding couple to plan their wedding, and for their guests to plan their attendance.


Additionally, our wedding couples can order a special "my wedding website", where their guests can find all the information the couple thinks appropriate and wants to share with their guests.


On this page we share some general information and tips with you, but for information specific to the wedding you're invited to, we kindly ask you to login to Yoep-P or contact the wedding couple.


Travelling to the Costa Blanca

The first step is to make travel arrangements, and therefore we refer you to our travelling to the Costa Blanca page



The wedding couple can suggest you to stay in one of the selected accommodations.

Then you can login to Yoep-P, Your Online Event Planner system to book your accomodation.

Booking the accommodation through Yoep-P offers a number of advantages ;

  • Lowest price guaranteed ( the accommodation guarantees the lowest price during 1 month )

  • Simple reservation and payment

  • Possibility to book a transfer from and to the airport


Welcoming dinner

The evening before the wedding, we're often asked to organize a welcoming dinner. Guests are usually asked to pay for themselfs, as this is not part of the wedding day. It is however a unique opportunity to get to know everybody, and "break the ice", which ofcourse helps the ambiance on the wedding day.


Hairdresser and make up artist

If the bride has ordered hairdresser and make up artists, then guests can do so too. The service can be booked until approximately one month prior to the wedding, which is when we close the planning. The service always takes place in the accommodation of the bride, so guests who've booked the service must come to that accommodation.


Transfer to and from the wedding venue

If the wedding venue is not within walking distance from the accommodation, we recommend the wedding couple to book a bus service to the venue, and back to the accommodation at the end of the party, all at once, or via a shuttle service, for example from midnight until 03:00 h. Please contact the wedding couple for more info.


Welcome drink

Upon arrival on the wedding venue you receive a welcome drink. We kindly request you to place bags, etc out of sight of the wedding setting, so that they don't appear on the wedding photo's.



When the bride is ready, our wedding coördinator will ask you to take a seat in the wedding setting, at the entrance of which there is a sign listing all guests who have reserved seating, more specifically, the wedding party. We kindly ask you to take a seat via the outside of the setting, so that the "aisle" remains clean for the arrival of the bride.


The processional

Traditionally, the father of the bride "gives the bride away" or it's done by another family member or close friend. Often other persons such as bridesmaids, flower girls, etc take part in the processional.

Sometimes there is also a pre-processional where the groom walks the aisle, usually with his mother.


The ceremony

If you wish to read a text, you can ask us to include that in the ceremony, either your text, or a text we prepare for you. Please send a request no later then 2 weeks before the ceremony, as this is the time we finalize the ceremony.


During the ceremony we often request the assistance of some persons, and if so, we will always ask you before the ceremony starts. This is for example the case with the unity candle ceremony, where we ask the mother of the bride and groom to light a candle at the beginning of the ceremony. If so, don't worry, the officiant of the ceremony will be beside you, explaining you what to do when the times comes.


Mobile phones

During the ceremony you're requested to switch mobile phones off, or in silent mode.



Usually, our photographers are present to create beautiful photo's and/or video, and it's important that they can "make the perfect shot". Therefore, you're kindly requested to - unless asked otherwise - remain seated for the whole duration of the ceremony.


The recessional

At the end of the ceremony, bride and groom leave the wedding setting as husband and wife, and you're requested to follow them, starting with the firsts row, then the second and so on.


Throwing of rice, confetti, ...

It's not allowed to throw rice, confetti, etc. Instead we arrange for soap bubbles which look very nice on the photo's.



Usually there is a reception of 1 hour, during which the photographers also do a photoshoot, starting with the wedding couple, and ending with all guests together for a group photo.



Then you will be invited to take a seat for dinner. Unless you've been previously informed of your table number, there will be a frame with the names of the guests and their table number at the entrace of the banquet area. On your table and place, there will also be a placeholder with your name.

Kindly do not move this placeholder until the end of the dinner, as it also contains your menu preference, so the waiters know what you've ordered.


Vegetarians and guests with food intolerancies

If you're a vegetarian, or you have an intolerance for some ingredients, then please advice us no later then 2 weeks before the wedding. You can choose an alternative dish, a vegetarian option or an intolerance option. The last 2 options are chosen by the venue, and are not known prior to the wedding.


Speeches, acts and gifts

During the months prior to the wedding we create a script that contains all the wishes and dreams of the wedding couple.  Usually the wedding couple does not share the details of the planning with their guests.

If you wish to surprise the wedding couple with for example a speech or an act, then it is ofcourse of the atmost importance that your efforts add to the wedding as a whole, instead of being in conflict with the wishes and dreams of bride and groom.

If you speech is short ( less then 5 minutes) the best time and place is after each course of the dinner, after the plates are removed, and before the next is served. After cutting the cake, speeches are not possible any more.


As wedding planners we are ofcourse aware of all the details, and we can advice you about the perfect time and place for your speech, act, etc. So therefore, please contact us no later then 2 weeks before the wedding, so that we can fit your speech, act ,... discretely in the planning, obviously without telling bride and groom.


If required, we can rent a television for you, or organize a giant wish balloon, arrange for a nice ceremonial car or butterflies at the end of the ceremony.


Safekeeping of gifts

As wedding planners we cannot take responsibility over objects, valuables, gifts etc...we recommend to choose one or more guests to safekeep these objects.


The wedding cake

After dinner, the wedding cake is served, usually in the party area.


The open or free bar

During the open or free bar most drinks such as wine, beer, refreshments, but also basic longdrinks such as gin-tonic, whisky-cola, etc are included. The duration of 3 or 4 hours and which drinks depend on the chosen package.

If you order a drink which is not included in the open bar, then you will be asked to pay for it.


The wedding coördinator(s)

Are present during all services booked via Costa Blanca Events, and usually leave after the wedding cake is served and the dance and open bar has begun.





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