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choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

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Planning perfect weddings abroad isn't easy.


The majority of the wedding couples don't travel to their wedding destination until shortly before the wedding.

This makes it even more difficult for the destination wedding planner to plan perfect weddings abroad.


If you're able to visit your wedding destination, then of course, it's highly recommended.

We welcome you here at your wedding destination Costa Blanca in Spain, and show you the venues and accommodations during a guided visit our venues tour.


If you're not able to visit your wedding destination before the wedding, then obviously, because you haven't seen the venue, talked to the suppliers, etc, it's extremely important that the wedding planner is able to communicate all aspects of the wedding, with images, video's and a clear and elaborate description of all services, options, choices and prices.

At the end of your wedding day, when we say goodbye, and ask how it has been, we aim that you answer us with one simple word... perfect !

And our many reviews on social media proof that we're very succesful at it !

We know that our wedding couples often have a busy schedule, work long days, etc, and that there can be time differences, etc, so we needed a tool that everybody concerned could use at their convenience, not ours.


Yoep-P, your online wedding planner, is a tool that has been custom designed for Costa Blanca Events.

Via Yoep-P, you have 24/7 access to your entire wedding plan, guest list, etc...


In Yoep, we create your wedding plan, with detailed info, photo's, prices, dates, times, quantities and the total cost of your wedding budget. When you decide to entrust the planning of your wedding to us, then you submit the simple wedding planner agreement and we start working for you.

All our regular suppliers, venues and accommodations have succesfully passed and are committed to the Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner Plan !

Planning perfect weddings abroad is a step by step process.


A wedding is one of the most personal events in a couples life, so it has to be planned to perfection.

But to make it a perfect wedding, there are lost of decisions and choices to make.


The biggest disadvantage of getting married abroad packages is that you have to make all these decisions and choices at once, which is very difficult.


Most couples haven't thought everything through yet when they start planning a wedding abroad.

And even when they did, it's our experience that during the weeks and months prior to the wedding, they change some of their original ideas, make different choices or want to add extra services, which are usually not possible in getting married abroad packages.


So, as previously said, the best way to plan perfect weddings abroad is step-by-step, and to illustrate that for you, we have created a short video on our how to plan your dream wedding abroad page.


Another extremely important part of how we plan perfect weddings abroad is how we select our suppliers.


Quality and service is not achieved easily !


As wedding planners we carry a huge responsibility towards our wedding couples,

because they entrust the organisation of the most important day of their lives to us.


It's our policy to offer our wedding couples different options and choices for each service.

As a result, Costa Blanca Events collaborates with various venues, accommodations and suppliers.


Because the wedding couples rely on us to make sure their wedding truly is their dream wedding,

we need to ensure that each and everyone of the companies we work with complies with all the agreements and arrangements we have made for the wedding, without room for failure or delay.


And so we need to be extremely careful in selecting the venues, accommodations, caterers, photgraphers, etc... we work with, especially if they're new to us, and we do that via our Recommended Partner Plan.

Yoep, our proprietary online wedding planner system makes it very easy and stress free to plan perfect weddings abroad.

When we make a quotation for a wedding couple, we select the venues, accommodations and services of whom we think might be of interest to them, and for each service, we offer various options and choices.


However, we only offer venues, accommodations and services from suppliers of whom we are sure that they will comply with our quality standards, in short, who have been accepted as Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner.


Does this mean that I cannot contract services myself or bring my own decorations, etc ?

No, it doesn't, but it's imperative that everything has been talked through with us, so that you efforts or the ones of your family and friends add to your wedding.

More info on our bring your own decorations or contract suppliers page.


Because of all this, and other processes we have implemented, we can ensure that your wedding in Spain  will be perfect, just as all our the weddings in Spain we organised before yours, as you can see on our references and privacy page.

Planning Perfect Weddings Abroad isn't easy, it takes a lot of experience