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Continue to dream destination weddings in Spain

We've build a totally new, super mobile friendly website for you

With a free online wedding budget calculator & quotation request

choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

click here or on the button below to go to the new website www.costablancaevents.org

Full and clear information, photos and prices


First of all you've got this website , containing lots of information. Secondly there are more then 50000 photos about our weddings abroad and our weddings, on our photo gallery website.

To calculate the wedding cost of your dream wedding in Spain, please use our free online wedding budget planner  

All our prices and services are listed in the online wedding budget planner.

And of course you're more then welcome to travel to the Costa Blanca and visit our venues and accommodations.

To make sure that a certain date is still available, you can ask us to save the date for 1 month...


Costa Blanca Events wedding planner agreement


If you are convinced that we are the right partner to plan your wedding, then submit the wedding planner agreement.

With this agreement you give us the instruction to book your wedding location, accommodation, and other services.

The initial payment depends on the type of agreement and venue you have chosen.

Now we officially start with planning your wedding


Information to your guests


Your guests have to prepare their itinerary in time for your wedding.

Below is a short video that shows you a step by step planning of a wedding in Spain.


Each wedding is different, and of course we will make a personal script and plan for you, including the services and options you prefer, but this video can serve as an example of the possibilities and options, and as an inspiration for your wedding.

Make choices, reserve services and planning a wedding


During the months and weeks of planning your wedding, all will become a lot clearer.

Some services need more input from you, like for instance your brides bouquet, wedding cake, menu, etc...

Just make these choices in YOEP-P, your online event planner.

But you don't have to decide upon everything at once , unlike most weddings abroad.

You do it step by step, deciding on each service when you're ready for it.

We contact the supplier, and make the necessary modifications in your wedding plan.

This way you are up to date 24/7 of all changes and progress of your wedding.


About 1 month before you wedding.


During a skype call or telephone call we go over the whole wedding plan again, step by step.

If necessary we complete information in YOEP-P, answer to your questions, etc...

Then we close the wedding plan and you're invited to pay the balance.

Then we recontact all suppliers to confirm again all services.

This doesn't mean that you can't make any changes any more, you only can't do it yourself , we do it for you.

If there is a last minute change, you just send us an e-mail.

We contact the supplier and keep you informed.

Even a change in amount of guests can be changed till a few days before the wedding, there is always someone who can't attend in the end or an extra guest who decides to fly over any way. Adding guest usually is no problem, cancelling will be with a cancelation fee depending on how many days befor the big day this occurs.


Arrival in Spain


The moment has come, you're flying to Spain!

Perhaps you booked a transfer via our website? Or did you reserve a rental car using the link on our website?

The evening before the wedding we can organise a welcome dinner, to break the ice.

If you have reserved a hairdresser and/or make up artist, the trial is usually a few before this dinner, to make sure that the following day you look impecable.  


The wedding day


Unlike most weddings in your own country, a wedding in Spain is very relax.

Thanks to the nice weather, beautiful sunset , ... you don't have to get up early.

You sleep out, have a nice breakfast, relax, have lunch and then, only then it's time to start preparations.

As your wedding coordinator we're with you from the moment you start preparations, untill the moment you cut the cake and the first dance is done...we only leave when we're sure that everything goes smoothly and perfect !


After the wedding day


Most guests tend to stay a few days more after your wedding in Spain, the brides couple usually stay longer.

Time to relax and enjoy, or even exploring the region.

Often there are excursions booked with the guests, and usually guests pay this themselves.




But all good things come to an end, and it's time to wish you a safe return.

We hope that everyone had an onforgettable experience and hope to sea you again, you never know.

Often guests make a lot of photos during there stay.

We provide a special link where every guest can upload his photos.

At home you, and perhaps those who couldn't be at your wedding day,can enjoy looking at photos.


The end


If there are some last small bills to pay which weren't included in the wedding plan, for example prolongiation of the open bar, extra baby sitting hours, you can arrange them to pay after the wedding day.


Of course we know that you and your guests had an unforgettable experience at your bespoke wedding.

Therefore we ask you to fill in a short evaluation form or to give us a nice review on facebook.

This way - if necessary - we can learn from your suggestions and tips. We're never too old to learn !

This also helps our future brides couples.


As soon as the wedding photos and/or video is ready, we upload your photos.

Only those persons you share the link with can view the photos, this way everyone's privacy is assured !

Step-by-step planning of your dream wedding in Spain...