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A good planning of a wedding is of vital importance,

and that's what we do so good at Costa Blanca Events,

as illustrated by the hundreds of reviews from former wedding couples and their guests.

What are the services in a wedding plan ?


That too is very different, because no 2 weddings are equal.


Each wedding plan is created based on the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple, and during the weeks and months prior to the wedding, the wedding plan is further elaborated.

Additional services are added, or services that are no longer disred for are deleted, choices are made, preferences set, and the guest list is gradually completed.


It's important to know that at Costa Blanca Events, we feel that a wedding is not a 'take it or leave it package', and that as a wedding couple you need time to think about certain services, options, preferences, etc.


So we plan a more step by step wedding planning approach, exactly as you would plan a wedding in your home country.


Compare it to a puzzle, where you start with the most significant pieces, and than add pieces as you go along.

Planing a wedding is exactly the same. You start with the venue and date, and those services that you feel are crucial to your wedding, or which are based on exclusivity, such as photographers, musicians, DJ, etc...


Then, as your wedding date approaches, you decide upon other 'pieces' until the puzzle is complete.


To help you get a better understanding of how a wedding in Spain is planned,

we have created a summary version of a wedding plan for you to review.


This summary version contains no dates, times, quantities nor prices, but it gives you a first impression of the services and steps involved, more or less like a wedding planning checklist.

As professional wedding & eventplanners we want to make sure that each and every event in which we participate is a success !

What is the task of a destination wedding planner, and the advantages of a local weddingplanner ?

Simply said, the task of a wedding planner is to plan and organise a wedding according to the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple.


But in doing so, he also bears a huge responsibility, because he will be held accountable if anything goes wrong.


This brings us to our view on wedding planning as a whole, and though I’m sure that some, if not many of my colleague wedding planners will not agree, here I go …


Wedding planner or personal secretary


The majority of the wedding planners listen to the wedding couple during an intake meeting, and when contracted, go out to find the venues and vendors to meet the brides wishes.


Of course, they have contacts with some venues and vendors, and they continue to build those relations as they organise more weddings, but still they often depend on venues or vendors they’ve (hardly) never worked with.


In my point of view, this poses a great risk, since the relationship between the occasional venue or vendor and the wedding planner is not very different from the one the bride would have, if she hadn’t contracted a wedding planner.


We have to assume that each vendor tries to do a good job to satisfy his client, but if for whatever reason, he doesn’t go “the extra mile” to deliver a perfect ( or worse ), he only stands to loose a “one-time-customer”.


Relationship between venue or vendor and wedding planner


We believe that the stronger the relationship between venue or vendor and wedding planner, the more leverage the wedding planner has to make sure he can create a perfect wedding.


That’s why I only work with a large selection of carefully selected venues and vendors, whom all have agreed to the level of service and punctuality I require, and they all know that they have to get it right, each time, because if not, they stand to  loose all our weddings.


Good communication is key


A perfect wedding starts with good and efficient communication, and that’s why Costa Blanca Events has developed it’s own unique online system, available 24/7 which is key in all communications between wedding couple, wedding planner, guests, venue and vendors.


Yoep-P, our online wedding planner system,  makes it very easy, and stress frees for the wedding couple to select the services and make the choices for their destination wedding, and place orders, which the corresponding vendor can confirm.


In Yoep-P they create their guest list, so that guests can use the system to plan their attendance, order accommodation, airport transfer, hairdresser etc, or select their menu preferences. And where they while doing so, are constantly in control of their budget, because after all, they too wanted to create their perfect wedding abroad !


Task of Costa Blanca Events, destination wedding planners in Spain


Sometimes we're only hired to deliver specific services, such as rent of the wedding setting, organising and / or officiating the wedding ceremony, master of ceremony, etc...

Please consult our website with services for your destination wedding in Spain,


Usually we're entrusted with the full planning of wedding.


Obviously, it's up to the wedding couple to decide which option is best for them.


As professional wedding planners we evalutate each request carefully, and the first step is of course to see if we, and / or the requested services are available on the wedding day.


But we only accept the contract if we're sure that the wedding or event, to which we are requested to participate, will be a success. If not, we prefer not to participate, and not to endanger our good name and reputation.


If we're convinved that we can organise that perfect wedding for you, then we're good to go, and the first step is then for the wedding couple to submit the wedding planner agreement.


And so the question arises ; "what is the cost of a wedding planner" ?


Because no two wedding couples are alike, we have different types of agreements, so the first step is to choose which of them best suits your needs.


Once you've submitted the agreement, and done the initial payment, we start planning your dream wedding.