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A wedding cake is usually a multiple tier cake, depending on the total amount of guests.

Cupcakes are small cakes made per person.


The bride and groom cut the "cutting cake" (highest level) and of course get the first bit.


The wedding cake is of course very traditional at a wedding, but oh so delicious!

The more guests, the higher the cake, and therefore the cake is often ordered for more persons then the number of guests, in order to have a higher cake.  


For example;


To have a cake with two tiers you must order a minimum of 12 people

For a cake with three tiers you need minimum 36 people

A 4 tier cake is possible from 64 people

And for a cake with 5 tiers you must order for 100 people


Of course, the color and decoration of the cake are adapted to the theme, style and wishes of the couple, and for a small fee, the cake can be equipped with a 3-dimensional decoration with sugar letters, chocolate, marzipan, or even an ornament.


But apart from the traditional wedding cake there are various other options, such as a buffet of cakes, dessert buffet etc, and those options can also be combined to for example ; a weddding cake combined with a buffet.


And, in order not to lose the tradition of cutting the cake, we also have a cutting cake, a small cake that the bridal couple cut with the sword.

'Pasteles del mediterraneo'= Pastries from the Mediterranean


This is a buffet of different individual cakes, in various colours and flavours so that each guest can choose.

When is the wedding cake served ?

That of course depends on the wishes of the couple.


Is it possible to provide an ice cream cake ?


An ice cream cake is indeed possible, but at an extra charge and...


The pleasant temperatures on the Costa Blanca are obviously not ideal for an ice cream cake.


To cut the cake it must previously be taken some time out of the fridge otherwise the cake will be too hard.


But then there is very little time before the cake begins to melt, so quickly make a few photos, cut the cake,  wedding couple does the first taste, ... and meanwhile the wedding cake has turned into a soup...


Therfore we don't recommend a wedding icecake...


But we do have an alternative to ice cream cake lovers.We can order mini-ice-cakes. Small works of art that should not be cut and should not be taken so far in advance of the fridge.The bride and groom get a mini ice-cutting cake and below are the mini ice-cakes displayed.


Traditionally, the cake is served as a dessert after dinner, before the party starts, but there are also couples that want the cake be served during the reception after the ceremony.


What flavors, fillings and colors exist ?


The list is very expanded.


During the preparation of your wedding, you can choose your preferences out of 20 flavors of biscuit, some 20 flavors of fillings as brown & white chocolate, orange biscuits, strawberry, raspberry, almond, mint etc. ..


Can we also choose different flavors?


Yes you can, but it does depend on the number of guests and it is not really recommended.


This is only possible for larger groups because then each tier of the cake is made in a different flavor .This does involve a small surcharge.

For cupcakes it  is limited to 3 flavors.


However, the guests get their piece of cake or cupcake last, but must take what is left, and that is not so nice.


Can we do a tasting first ?

You need to order approximately 2 weeks in advance, and the tasting cake has a small cost.


You choose the flavors you want to taste, and we make sure that they are ready for you.

A delicious, festive wedding cake, traditionally in Spain cut with a sword !

Buffet of different cakes or mini cakes to choose from, with various color and flavours so that each guest can choose.

Wedding cake gallery

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What is the difference between a wedding cake and cupcakes