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The musical accompaniment during a wedding in Spain is obviously very important.

It creates the right atmosphere, and makes the day even more memorable .

But when will there be music , and what are the options ?


During the wedding dinner


A little background music during dinner adds extra atmosphere, but most venues don't offer background music.

But if you have rented our wedding setting, then - for a small surcharge - you can use the sound system also during dinner, and connect your own playlist with a smartphone or tablet.


Another advantage is that you then also have a microphone for speeches.


Live music is of course much better, and musicians bring their own sound system, so you don't have to rent one.


We offer various musicians, piano, jazz piano, cello, singer, etc from elegant background to more uptempo jazz.


Especially our guitar player is very much appreciated by our wedding couples and their guests.

He plays all styles, but mainly latin and is a true master in creating the right atmosphere for dinner.

2 x 45 minutes with a 15 minute pause.

Party music after dinner


For the dance party music is obviously mega-important ! Here background music isn't sufficient.

It is possible to work with a playlist, but this is not really optimal. When you make a playlist you can never know up front how the party will be, it might be that people want to dance and at that moment only slow music is playing ...


Therefore you better choose a live artist or DJ.

They permanently watch the dancefloor and the enthiousiasme of the group, which age group is always dancing and who's not...in short, they adapt to whatever situation and atmosphere during the party.


Music in open air


In Spain, like in all other countries there are laws about music after midnight, and exceptions are only allowed for very big events and subject to a special license.


However, most of our weddings are celebrated outdoors, with a dance party often continuing into the early hours.


First of all it depends on the venue ; in a town centre it's more likely that someone will complain then in remote areas. and in some venues there are sound barriers, such as walls, hills, etc


Secondly, the DJ plays a major part in this by reducing the risk of complaints. This can be done by the orientation and positioning of the speakers, and by slowly reducing the volume and bass.

More then enough to dance, but not enough to create complaints.


Thirdly, we offer the possibility of choosing our DJ + Experience sound system to avoid complaints of neighbors.


More info on our open air dance party page


What possibilities and musicians are there ?


Have a look at our music & entertainment photo gallery, which also contains sound fragments.

The right music makes your wedding day even more memorable !

Wedding music gallery

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Music during the wedding dinner and after...