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Because so many bridal couples entrust the planning of their wedding to us, we were able to negotiate a very advantageous 'wedding day promo package' with for weddings in our region and in one of our venues.


The package contains a number of services that in the past more than 85% of our wedding couples booked separately at normal prices.


The package is very complete, but you can of course choose to not use one or more services, though it will not entitle you to an extra discount. The package consists of ;  

Rent of the venue


we offer a choice of over 30 different venues, and with most of them we have negotiated a fixed rental cost which can include ; rent of the venue, fixed cost of the restaurant, local taxes, additional costs of transport and/or build up of the wedding setting (e.g. because the ceremony venue is not easy accessible, ...).

The rental cost of our most chosen venues is included in the wedding planner agreement, some are subject to a surcharge.


Wedding day coordinator


A wedding coordinator is responsible for the organisation and coordination on your wedding day, in compliance with the during the weeks and months of planning created wedding plan. He's the link between vendors, wedding couple and guests, and therefore the service is mandatory. If guests are present that don't speak any of the languages of the coordinator, then an extra coordinator or translator must be contracted. He arrives together with the photographer(s) and stays until and including the firsts dances, with a maximum of 8 hours, and extra hours can be booked at unit price.


Assistant wedding day coordinator


Even for small weddings an assistent wedding coordinator is required, because 1 person cannot be at 2 places at the same time, such as for example with the bride, and with the guests.


Professional wedding photographer


A professional photographer starts when the bride is almost ready, and stays until and including the first dances, with a maximum of 6 hours. The quantity of photos taken depends on the venue, photoshoot locations and duration, preferences of the wedding couple and size of the group. After the wedding, the photos are manually edited and optimised so that each photo results in the best possible image, also depending on your chosen style and results in a good mix of predominantly color photos, and some in black and white, and even Sepia. These photos are then uploaded so a the secure Yoep-P server. The photos are not included in this package, and you can either wait until they're uploaded, and then select and buy the photos you like, or order 250, 500 or 750 photos at discounted price before the wedding day. This package can also be upgraded with additional photographers, videographers, special videos, pre or post wedding photoshoots, etc


Rent of a 'market stall' for the welcome drink and reception


Upon arrival of the guests at the ceremony location, a welcome drink will always be served, and it is of course much more beautiful if it'sserved at a food station / market stall.


Rent of a booth for live musicians during the ceremony


It is very nice to have live music during the ceremony, but they only come up with their instruments and speakers. This booth hides the necessary components such as loudspeakers, keyboard, etc (depending on the contracted musicians) behind a romantic front.


Ceremonial car for the arrival of the bride


Mini Countryman or similar driven by one of our wedding coordinators for the arrival of the bride, usually accompanied by her father.


Intro and closing words of the ceremony by our officiant


Welcome, introduction and closing words by the Costa Blanca Events official, while the rest of the ceremony is done by an external official or a priest. It's also possible for the Costa Blanca Events official to do the whole ceremony, subject to an extra charge.


Rent of a ring cushion, box, shell, etc... adapted to your theme


We have several ring cushions and holders so that we can adapt them to your theme.


Rent of audio system with microphone for reception and dinner. 


It is of course very nice to play suitable background music during reception and dinner, but to contract the DJ especially for this is very expensive. Thanks to this sound system, you don't have to, and you can prepare a playlist with the music you want and connect it to the audio system via the AUX input. A microphone for speeches is also included. If the system is used without supervision by a Costa Blanca Events coordinator, a deposit of 200 € is required. It is not allowed to use the system for dance parties.


Photocol frame


This photoocol structure consists of an arch on which a giant picture frame of 1.2 meters is hung.

Guests can use the included accessories and position themselves behind the frame to take original photos.


Rent of a DJ booth


Thanks to this booth, the DJ stands in a beautiful, romantic setting that contains the necessary components such as computer, amplifiers, mixing console, etc... behind a romantic front.


Photo hosting and sharing system


During the wedding guests also make photos and videos, and thanks to this system, wedding couples and guests can easily share them.

The Costa Blanca Events wedding day promo package

Why are all our prices excluding v.a.t. ?


This has 2 reasons ;

  • A few years ago, the Spanish government changed the v.a.t. rates, and they are still considering to change them again. If that happens, all our prices fremain unchanged, which is a lot more transparent for our wedding couples, and only the v.a.t. amount on the totals page will increase or decrease.

  • Business owners or self employed persons who contract us to plan their wedding often invite their best clients to the wedding, and enter the cost of them in their business expenses. For them it's importatn that all prices are listed excluding v.a.t.


What is the current v.a.t. rate ?

  • 10 % on food, non alcoholic beverages and transport

  • 21 % on services

All of these services can also booked separately, but the wedding day promo package offers you a substantial discount, depending on the date and day of the wedding.

For a wedding between October 15 and April 15 ;


Venues and vendors accept this best price because there are less weddings during these months

  • On any day, from Monday to Sunday ; 1650 € + v.a.t.


For a wedding between April 15 and October 15 ;


This is when most weddings are celebrated, especially in the weekends, and even more so for Spanish couples. Venues and vendors have agreed to offer an even better price for a weddong on any day from Sunday to Friday. Especially for destination weddings, this also has another major advantage, because statistically, flights for Saturday weddings ( Friday to Sunday ) are the most expensive ones, so by choosing any other day, you and your guests can also save significantly on airline tickets.

  • On any day from Monday to Thursday ; 1650 € + v.a.t

  • On Friday or Sunday : 1950 € + v.a.t.

  • On Saturday : 2250 € + v.a.t.