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choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

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It's almost impossible to plan a wedding abroad without the help of a professional wedding planner.


Planning a wedding requires a lot work, coördination, etc, and a lot of that work simply can't be done via telephone or e-mail, Additionally, there is the time difference, cultural difference, language barrier etc...

As professional wedding planners it's our job to plan your perfect wedding, suggest the best venues, arrange and maintain contacts with local suppliers, and advice on the overal planning of your dream wedding in Spain.


We can make things happen that are simply impossible from your country of residence.


How does one recognise a good wedding planner organisation ?


Unfortunatly, there are no legal standards for wedding planners,

and so anyone can call himself wedding planner, eventhough they did not have any training, experience, etc...

Everything starts ofcourse with professional training.

Beside training, experience is of the atmost importance.

We been living and working in the Costa Blanca since 2005, and have organised lot's of weddings, renewals of the vows, etc...

That's why we are one of the leading wedding planner agencies in Spain,

but even that is not enough for us...

A professional wedding planner plans your wedding to perfection, and removes all the stress during the weeks and months of planning and organising.


A wedding planner translates your wishes and dreams into a viable wedding plan and wedding planning checklist, gives advice, helps you to manage the wedding budget planner, etc


The perfect wedding planner lives and works in the area where your wedding is to be organised,

so he's in permanent contact with the venues, accommodations, suppliers, etc


Because of that he's able to find the best wedding venues, negotiate the best prices, etc...

Planning a wedding is very time consuming, and so most wedding planners have to charge a substantial wedding planner fee to cover their costs.

Costa Blanca Events uses online tools that have been specially designed for us, such as Yoep, your personal online wedding planner, and these tools enable us to work very efficiently, and save a lot of time and costs, resulting in a substantially lower wedding planner cost then other wedding planner agencies charge.


What are the tasks and responsabilities of a wedding coördinator ?


Like a wedding planner, the wedding coördinator knows the wedding plan, but his job is limited to the wedding day.

He's not part of the planning of the wedding, but he's responsible that the wedding plan is executed to perfection on the wedding day.


He gives advice, always keeps an eye on the proceedings, and makes sure that the days goes as planned, timing is respected, etc

He's in contact with the venue, suppliers, and is always ahead of things, anticipating any possible delays, and solving any eventualities even before they occur.


In short, he makes sure that the wedding plan results in a perfect wedding day.

Often wedding planner and wedding coördinator are same person, and that stands to reason, since nobody knows the wedding plan as well as the wedding planner.


If you have entrusted the planning of your wedding to Costa Blanca Events, then we, like no other, know your wedding plan, and are able to do a perfect job as wedding coördinators too, making it much cheaper then hiring an extra wedding coördinator.


For weddings with multiple venues, additional wedding coördinators may be required.


Can I do without wedding coördinator ? Or can I bring my own wedding coördinator ?


Each wedding organised by Costa Blanca Events is special, and we want to make sure that on the wedding day, the plan is executed to perfection, not only for the wedding couple, but also for their guests.


That's why the presence of a wedding coördinator is mandatory on our weddings.

Usually, your Costa Blanca Events wedding planner perform the taks of wedding coördinator, and that is not only the best, but also the cheapest option.


If you do want to bring your own wedding coördinator, then that's ok, if he or she is professional, experienced and has the necessary credentials.

This person shall then contact us prior to the wedding in order to receive a wedding day program.


This external wedding coördinator stays under the supervision of Costa Blanca Events and acts accordingly.

For weddings with 100 or more guests an additional wedding coördinator is mandatory.


What does a master of ceremony do ?


A master of ceremony has an even more limited responsibility then a wedding coördinator.


The master of ceremony is onlty responsible for the ceremony, seating in the wedding setting, and protocol during the wedding itself.


In most weddings organised by Costa Blanca Events, the task of master of ceremony is performed by the wedding coördinator, but we always welcome the help of ushers to help the wedding Coördinator during the seating the wedding setting, help during the photo shoot etc...


Read more about why choose Costa Blanca Events as your wedding planner.

Chris and Elke, of Costa Blanca Events have been living and working in the Spanish Costa Blanca since 2005, know the area as no other,

speak the language, and know the local customs

Chris De Houwer has succesfully completed a course of wedding and eventplanner in one of the most prestigious schools worldwide,

the Longevity wedding planning institute,

in close coöperation with various universities in other countries

And so we're very proud to be able to use this quality label !

What are the tasks and responsabilities of a wedding planner ?

Costa Blanca Events is a professional wedding planner agency