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Weddings abroad on a budget, is it possible ?


A lot of wedding couples decide on a destination wedding, because they want a dream wedding, but without spending a fortune. So how is that possible ?


When you decide to get married abroad, social obligations are no longer an issue, and that makes a big difference.

It's often thought that renting a villa, and organising your wedding there is cheaper, but that's often not the case.


First of all it's difficult to find a suitable villa, and it's even more difficult to plan and organise everything from abroad.

Additionally there is the language issue, because a lot of people in Spain do not speak English, so unless you speak Spanish, it's going to be, well, very hard.


But aside from that, there are also issues and additional costs of wedding catering in a villa.


Finally, the magic of a beach wedding is often lost, because most of the villas are not located at the beach.


But probably the most important concern is that you'll be planning and organising for weeks, creating a lot of stress, and if there is one thing you definitely want to avoid on your wedding day, it's stress !

A wedding in Spain is a perfect option for

weddings abroad on a budget !

On a traditional wedding you would be socially obligated to invite lots of guests you hardly know or see, family you only see on weddings and funerals, colleagues you're not really friends with, members of your sports club, etc...


And so the guests list quickly grows a lot longer then expected, and budgetted for, and even then you have a risk that some will feel left out, because not invited.


For a wedding abroad this is of no importance, because everybody understands that it's impossible for you to invite  all of your friends and aquantances to a wedding in Spain !


According to wedding etiquette, it's perfectly ok for your guests to pay for their own travel expenses, tickets, transfers and accommodation.


So, even if you would invite all of your friends and aquantances, it's perfectly ok for you to tell them that they have to pay for their own travel costs, and you'll be amazed how many of them suddenly 'wont be able to attend' .


As a result your wedding will be more intimate, the total wedding budget will be significantly lower, but without any compromise to the event, on the contrary !


Add to that the fact that a lot of services, like rent of the venue, rent of the wedding setting, wedding dinner, free bar, but also the accommodation etc, are much cheaper then in most other countries and wedding destinations.


And so, weddings in Spain is also an excellent choice for weddings abroad on a budget.

Due to our price guarantee you always get the best value for your money.

It's now very easy to calculate the required budget for a wedding in Spain.

Just use our free online wedding budget planner !

Of course, without any commitment whatsoever.

Curious about the cost of a wedding in Spain, then use our free online wedding budget planner,

to calculate the required budget for your dream wedding in Spain.

Forget a wedding with lot's of guests you hardly know,

and whom you are socially obligated to invite !

Former wedding couples and their guests have submitted hundreds of reviews.

Have a look and see for yourself just how satisfied they were.

And regardless of your budget you will still receive the same personal service that so many of our former wedding couples have appreciated so much, as you can see in their reviews.

All inclusive wedding packages abroad is a special website dedicated to

weddings abroad on a budget

Still looking for a bit cheaper, well that's possible too.

We have selected a few venues with whom we have made a very special deal ; an all inclusive wedding package abroad, which is leaves for few options and choices, thus eliminating a lot of time and work of planning for us, which in turn results that we don't need to charge you a wedding planner fee.

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Spain is one of the top wedding destinations for weddings abroad on a budget.